Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes Wedding Photography

Lytham St. Annes - Wedding Photography

Grand Hotel, Lytham St Annes Wedding Photography: A stunning couple, location and weather – what more does a photographer need …?! A truly happy occasion for Tom & Sammy made all the … 

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Singleton Lodge Wedding Photography

Singleton Lodge, Poulton - Wedding Photography

Singleton Lodge, Poulton Wedding Photography: everyone loves some black & white photography but sometimes and this was such an occasion, it’s colour that it has to be – a glorious Spring day and a bride’s vibrant coloured bouquet dictates the day! Singleton Lodge‘s gardens gave us the Spring colours for many of the backdrops with opportunities for something a little different too – the brick wall works rather well I think! One of my favourite shots

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Great Hall at Mains Wedding Photography

The Great Mains Hall, Singleton, Poulton - Wedding Photography

The Great Hall at Mains, Poulton Wedding Photography: Well it was only a couple of days before Valentine’s Day! Just finished editing Karl & Shelley’s wedding day so here are some of my favourites. I do hope you agree that my selection here reflects not only a beautiful couple (& little daughter, Lauren) but also shows off what an incredibly joyous occasion the whole day proved to be. The Great Hall at Mains has grounds that I find offers

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Great John Street Hotel Wedding Photography

Great John St. Hotel, Manchester - Wedding Photography

Great John Street Hotel, Manchester Wedding Photography: Well it wasn’t too long ago it was the engagement shoot and now, the wedding itself … A wedding with a lot of Aussie in it – Bride Leah is a 100% Australian & met Groom, Adam whilst working and located out there – obviously meant that glorious weather was guaranteed and brought over with Leah’s family! The ceremony and reception itself was at the stunning Great John Street Hotel all eclectic decor and amazing dark spaces and stuff with the surrounding streets and nearby park offering some beautiful alternative shots to be had. City weddings aren’t something I come across often but thank you so much guys for allowing me to let the creative juices flow (so to speak!) – we were in the heart of Manchester but you really don’t need to look far for some amazing backdrops.

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