Flixton House Wedding & Engagement Photography

Flixton House, Manchester - Wedding & Engagement Photography

Flixton House, Manchester Wedding & Engagement Photography: It’s that time of year, before the wedding season takes off properly, where I am meeting up with couples, not only for their pre-wedding meetings but often …… for their engagement shoots too; a time for us to get to know one another in front of the camera and have a bit of fun at the same time. Sometimes too, engagement shoots can be requested and shot at a venue that has personal significance and Flixton House for Leon & Jo was one such – Jo’s parents had been married there all those years ago. We found the large tree that had featured in some of the these past wedding pictures and used it for some of our shots too, looking impressive not only zoomed out but also up close with the textured tree’s bark providing a wonderful background. Backdrops can come in all forms – coloured industrial brick, hedges still holding on to last Autumn’s browned leaves and tree bark – and can turn a good picture into a great one. When looking for that perfect photo, don’t just think ‘subject’ but think ‘background’ & ‘foreground’ too! Hope you enjoyed the shoot as much as me guys (think you did?!) and look forward to your Knutsford wedding in a couple of months!