Blackpool Street Photography

Blackpool - Street Photography

Blackpool – Street Photography: Back in the early 80’s and not long out of school, I was working in a Blackpool bank and at lunch time, armed with my two Pentax MXs (loaded with Ilford HP5 – ASA 400), I would go …… off to photograph some of the everyday life occurrences and here’s a few from a dusty box of those prints. I loved my darkroom then and would print onto Ilford Multigrade paper and when I could afford it, Ilford Gallery! These prints have lost some of their detail in the scanning but they look ok (so long as you don’t go too large!). To print each picture it would usually take about an hour, often cursed by dust particles, meaning I’d have to redo the print (no PS spot removal tool!) with a fair amount of guess work also needed as I dodged & burned the different areas of each image, using carefully cutup bits of card. I might have loved my darkroom then, taking for granted the chemical odours, the heat of the blacked out room, the fight to keep the developer, stop-bath & fixer a constant temperature but hey, I really don’t miss it now! Hope you like my un-Photoshoped (guaranteed!) selection here.